Venturi Solar Indirect

The Plumbing Group have developed a range of unvented cylinders specifically for use in solar applications, providing an efficient way of providing domestic hot water. Each model features a dedicated high performance solar coil, transferring the maximum amount of heat from the solar circuit to the stored water.

The cylinders are compatible with a wide range of solar systems available and have been designed to maximise the dedicated solar volume.

The indirect cylinders are heated by a conventional boiler (either gas or oil) through a second-high performance coil. The Venturi Solar Indirect has external expansion.


Venturi Solar Direct

*1 – Solar Coil Surface Area
*2 – Aux Coil Surface Area
Innovative hot water outlet to reduce thermal loss. *Other coil sizes are available on request. Optional secondary return available on request.

The Venturi VS Solar range are capable of providing a system that meets the requirements of Building Regulations, provided they are correctly matched to the solar panels and the hot water requirement.

Available in six sizes ranging from 130 litres to 305 litres. The largest model capable of satisfying the hot water demands of a property with 3 bathrooms and 3 separate shower rooms.

The indirect model has a high efficiency finned tube coil which is connected to a conventional boiler to heat the cylinder of water. The coil’s finned design gives much faster recovery times than can be achieved with plain tube coils.

All models are pressure tested to 10 bar and come complete with a temperature and pressure relief valve which is factory set at 7 bar and 90 degrees Celsius. Optional secondary return available.

The Venturi VS Solar range is based on the standard Venturi cylinder, therefore still providing you with mains pressure hot water, low standing heat losses and lightweight construction.


Venturi Solar Indirect Unvented Cylinder Heat Loss Performance


Venturi Solar Indirect Unvented Cylinder Product Construction – Typical

Immersion heater ☞ 3kw, 240V, 1ph, Incoloy 825, with thermostat incl. cut-out
Thermal insulation ☞ CFC/HCFC free, (ODP=0, GWP=1), 60mm fire retardant insulation*
Outer casing ☞ P200 Plastisol
Inner cylinder ☞ Duplex stainless steel
Heating coil ☞ High performance, finned
Indirect thermostat ☞ Twin thermostat with independent reset, 30-70ºC
Safety device ☞ Factory fitted with 7bar/90ºC pressure & temperature relief valve
Connections ☞ Secondary return on 175L & above

*50mm on 400L and 500L vessels

Venturi Solar Indirect Unvented Cylinder Product Specification

Inlet diffuser ☞ For optimal blending of cold & hot water, see fig. 1
Expansion Technology☞  3 bar external expansion
Pressure test☞ Tested to 10 bar
Secondary return☞ Standard fit on models 175L & above
Approvals☞ BBA, CE, WRAS, KIWA, ISO, WRC
Guarantee☞ Internal cylinder 25 years* Ancillary components 1 year
Direct thermostat☞ Element thermostat, nominal setting 60ºC
Indirect model ☞ 22mm diameter stainless steel high performance coil & outlet with 1 immersion heater
Direct model ☞ 80L fitted with 1 immersion heater; 130 – 500L fitted with 2 immersion heaters
Manufacturing ☞ All UK using state-of-the-art robot technology
Horizontal & Slimline ☞ Suitable for roof voids & 450mmØ specification
Renewables range ☞ Solar, heat pump and buffer vessels

*Commercial cylinders carry 5 years guarantee

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