Our businesses

The Plumbing Group Ltd are one of the UK’s largest leading independent privately British owned and operated installation and repair specialists of thermal stores. With 7 group businesses covering 81,000km² of the UK, we offer unrivalled career opportunities in our sector. We are proud of the fact that our Engineers have a 98% fixed first visit success rate.

Businesses within the Group


The Plumbing Group of Companies provide out of warranty thermal store repair and replacement services to individuals, local authorities and businesses. The Group is made up of ThermaCoil, PulsaCoil 3, PulsaCoil 2000, PulsaCoil A Class, PulsaCoil BP, PulsaCoil London and PulsaCoil Birmingham. We offer a diverse mix of specialist skills with a client-focused approach.

Each and every one of our employees is intrinsically quality-driven. This ensures that all our services and repairs are delivered efficiently, cost effectively and to the high standards we set ourselves.

Sales Service & Repair of Electric Thermal Stores.

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