Differences Between A Direct and Indirect Hot Water Cylinder

Unsure on the Differences Between A Direct and Indirect Hot Water Cylinder?
Below you will see we have explained in basic terms what each one does and what makes it a direct or an indirect hot water cylinder.

What is a Direct Hot Water Cylinder?

When it comes to heating up water, a common problem that can occur is that some properties don’t have access to mains gas. In order to get over this issue and heat water in a cylinder, an immersion was placed internally. This basically means that water is electrically heated from directly inside the cylinder. Normally this type of cylinder has two immersion heaters; one for the on peak and one for the off peak.


What is an Indirect Hot Water Cylinder?

While the direct cylinder has the internally placed immersion heater to heat the water, the indirect does not. There is nothing inside it to heat up the water. Consequently, it must use another source of heat to do the job. The source used would be an external one.

A boiler would be a good example of this. The hot water in the cylinder has been fed through from the boiler, which would be the external source. The water is heated and then passed through a coil in the cylinder. This means the heat can be transferred from the external source to the water in the cylinder.

Indirect Hot Water Cylinder

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