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First established in September 2016, at The Plumbing Group Ltd we now work from four main sites across the UK; Milton Keynes, Central London, Birmingham & Ellesmere. Each of our locations carries a profound range of stock and has friendly, well informed staff who are always ready to help. We ensure that we cater for as many as we can with clients that include Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors and Engineers, Industrial Companies, Construction, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Hotels & Leisure, Export Markets and Facilities Management to name a few.


The Plumbing Group Ltd are are proud to be the fastest growing cylinder manufacturer in the UK.  One thing we aim to do here is change the way you think about water heating technology. We do this through our innovative, high quality and cost effective products. Our clients are crucial to us and our growing business. Therefore having a wide choice of products to choose from ensures we meet as many demands as we can. Our wide range of products includes; Unvented Thermal Stores, Slimline, Horizontal, Solar, Bespoke & Commercial Cylinders for example. Hot water demands are always evolving so we make sure our product range does too.


The core of our business is to bring award winning products forward and in turn, supply quality and in demand cylinders. We believe that to successfully meet our clients requirements, we must first build up a relationship. Our experienced and dedicated staff are always on hand to give out advice and information about our cylinders. This allows us to find the best results for our clients unique needs. This has great benefits for our company and it’s progress, as well as our clients. If you would like to know more about what we do or any of our products, please give us a call or send us an email.

Sales Service & Repair of Electric Thermal Stores.

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